Dandelion Diapers Diaper Cover - Hook and Loop

Dandelion Diapers Diaper Cover - Hook and Loop
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  • Water-locking diaper cover designed to fit over the diapering system of your choice whether it be fitted diapers, flat diapers, or prefolds
  • High quality hook-loop will stand up through many washes without wearing out and lets you adjust easily the tightness for the perfect fit
  • Flexible and formfitting elastic around the leg and back openings prevent leaks while keeping baby comfortable
  • Easy One-Sizing: Fits approximately 7 - 33lbs
  • Healthy for baby, wallet, and the planet: Save money with a product that will last for years and keep those pounds of disposable diapers out of landfills

Cloth diaper your way with Dandelion Diaper Covers. Expertly designed to fit over your diapering system of choice, whether it be inserts, prefolds, fitted diapers, soaker pads, or disposable inserts (all sold separately). Available in both snaps or hook/loop closure style and easily adjustable to grow with your little one. Formfitting elastic around the legs and on the back opening prevents leaks while remaining comfortable for baby. Our diaper covers have an outer material made of 100% water resistant polyester TPU and an inner soft mesh of 100% polyester. Easy one-sizing fits approximately 7lbs-33lbs (general guideline of course- all babies are different!) Shells are washable, reusable, and if unsoiled, can be used several times before laundering. Wash in warm water and hang to dry (high heat will cause excess wear… and please – no bleach!) Economical and planet-healthy, you will save hundreds of dollars and prevent excess waste in our landfills. Be sure to check out other compatible Dandelion Diapers favorites including prefolds and diaper liners.